Kick-start of the project BlueMarine3.Com

IMAQUA is eager to start working on the exciting multi species hatchery project BlueMarine3.Com. The general aim of the project is to expand the knowledge about hatchery technology for different species groups (seaweed, molluscs and crustaceans), with special attention to the local conditions in Flanders and the possible biological and technological integration of these species groups in one hatchery.

The BlueMarine3.Com project is funded by the Flemish government through Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) and facilitated by the Blue Cluster program.

It is a collaboration between different groups of Ghent University: the IOF consortium BLUEGent (Dr. ir. Margriet Drouillon), the Laboratory of Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Center (Prof. Dr. ir. Peter Bossier), the Laboratory for Phycology (Prof. Dr. Olivier De Clerck) and the Laboratory for Environmental Toxicology (Prof. Dr. Colin Janssen), and the following companies: Aquacultuur Oostende, Colruyt Group, DEME, IMAQUA, Proviron and SIOEN.

July 2016

IMAQUA launches a state of the art feeding trial facility composed of 24 custom-made tanks. Each tank has a capacity of 290 L and an individual complete water filtration system. This facility was designed for delivering the highest quality scientific results.


IMAQUA installs a state of the art shrimp RAS nursery facility based on the Landing PILOT™ unit developed by LandIng Aquaculture. This facility was designed with a double purpose, to satisfy the needs of  shrimp juveniles for the tests made at IMAQUA and to offer the possibility of performing nutrition tests on early shrimp developmental stages.