Promoting health in
shrimp aquaculture

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We focus our testing offer on the most problematic diseases currently affecting shrimp farming.

White spot syndrome virus (WSSV)

Acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND/EMS)

State-of-the-art in vitro tools

IMAQUA is the first private contract research organisation to provide specialised services on shrimp disease and immunity. We offer innovative in vivo and in vitro testing methodologies that comply with the highest research quality standards.

In vivo methodologies

  • Specialised feeding trials as preparation for disease challenges
  • Disease intramuscular challenge for precision studies
  • Disease oral and immersion challenge for natural infection studies
  • Pathogen titrations
  • Custom-made methodology combinations
  • Development of new methodologies
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In vitro methodologies

  • Evaluation of classic immune parameters
  • Haemocyte cultures (wide testing applications)
  • Activity and production of several immune-related enzymes
  • Minimum inhibitory concentration of products (MIC) using AHPND and other bacterial diseases
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Cost-effective product screening (mixed in vivo/in vitro methodologies)

  • Screening of immunostimulants
  • Screening of antivirals
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We offer custom-made methodology combinations and complete research plans.
For more information download our service brochure or contact us.

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